In 2008, the Division of Mental Health in cooperation with the Mental Health Forensic Transformation initiative (National Gains Center), together with the support and involvement of the Council of State Governments, provided a technological leadership role in the development of a State-wide Interactive Internet based data collection tool, which is a subset of the legacy State of Illinois Jail Data Link System.

In June 2009, Illinois enjoyed the establishment of the Illinois Mental Health Court Association. It also provided support for this endeavor, which has evolved (effective January 2013) into the Illinois Problem Solving Court Association.

  Illinois Mental Health Court Database System was launched in September 2009 at the Illinois Integrated Justice Information System Summit and at the State-wide Judges Conference. The Illinois Problem Solving Courts utilized the database initially for Mental Health Courts State-wide in Illinois, and by end of 2013 or early 2014 will include other Problem Solving Courts data entry and data reporting. The database itself has been revised/edited to reflect the changes and needs of Mental Health Courts since its inception and will implement revisions/edits to fit the needs of the other Problem Solving Courts by 2013/2014.
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The system was launched in September 2009.

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